City Trees

Piedmont Public Works maintains over 8,000 trees in Piedmont's streets, parks, and public spaces.

Tree removal

Public Works actively maintains Piedmont's urban forest. This work includes regular pruning, care, and inspection of street trees, and sometimes requires the removal of a tree that has died or has reached a state of poor health where it is not possible to rehabilitate.

When a tree must be removed, the City makes every effort to replace it with a tree that is appropriate for the specific conditions of the location. Sometimes the replacement tree will be the same species as the tree that was removed. Sometimes the City chooses a different species that will be more likely to survive in the space.

Tree removal reports

Tree removal determinations being presented to the Park Commission are listed below:

Report a tree issue

If you believe that a city street tree needs immediate attention, call (510) 420-3050.

It is illegal to spray, prune, top or trim the city's trees and violators will be cited.

Urban Forest Inventory & Analysis

In 2023, the City of Piedmont contracted with Davey Resource Group to conduct an inventory of all public trees. The data was used to developed a quantified analysis of the current structure, function, benefits, and value of the City's public trees. The findings of this analysis are detailed in a summary report, linked below: