Save Money!

Rates are based on garbage cart capacity, filled to the rim with the lid properly closed.

Please do not put recyclables, organics or hazardous waste in your Black Cart

Tips to Save Money on Collection Services

Service rates are based upon the size of your garbage cart. Collection service for recyclables and organics is unlimited in volume and provided at no additional cost. By recycling more and generating less garbage, you may be able to switch to a smaller garbage cart to save money. But be sure to choose the right container for your garbage needs.

Curbside Collection:

With curbside collection, the customer is responsible for placing the wheeled carts at the curb on their regular collection service day and returning the carts to their storage location promptly after collection. With curbside collection, carts are not limited in size.

cart sizes and prices

20 Gallon Garbage Cart$94.76 per month

35 Gallon Garbage Cart$100.41 per month

65 Gallon Garbage Cart$138.33 per month

95 Gallon Garbage Cart$154.91 per month

Residential Rates Effective July 1, 2023

On-Premises (Backyard) Collection:

Carts used for on-premises (backyard) services are limited to a maximum size of 35 gallons. Additional garbage carts are available for an additional cost. On-premises (backyard) collection service costs more than curbside service.

Switching to curbside service saves approximately $50 per month.

  • 20 Gallon Garbage Cart - $145 per month
  • 35 Gallon Garbage Cart - $150.65 per month

Backyard Rates Effective July 1, 2023

Additional charges will be assessed for:

  • Overflowing garbage
  • Garbage set out beyond your service level, or
  • Allowing garbage to accumulate on your property
Recycling carts and organics carts
contaminated with garbage will not be serviced.

Call Republic Services at (800) 320-8077 to order additional or larger carts for recyclables and organics.

An Annual Pre-Payment Discount allows single family customers to voluntarily pay for one (1) year of service with the twelfth (12th) month of service provided at no charge. That is 12 months of service for the cost of 11 months of service.

Practice the 4 R's


Everyone can reduce the amount of waste generated by decreasing or eliminating consumption of such things as plastic and paper bags, items in excessive packaging, and disposable or single-use products like razors, lighters and pens.


Rather than throwing products away, we can reuse them by donating to thrift stores, charities, or salvage yards. Many items not accepted in the Blue Recycling cart - from bubble wrap to DVDs to eyeglasses - can be reused or recycled.
For a complete list of reusable and recyclable materials and the charitable institutions and vendors that accept them, use the Recycling Wizard at


Keep up the good work! Piedmont residents who recycle their paper, bottles, cans, yard waste and food scraps help save natural resources, conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Rot (compost)

Compost made from food scraps placed in your green Organics cart or made in your own backyard compost bin is a rich soil amendment used by gardeners, landscapers and farmers to help grow healthy plants. For more information about backyard composting and low-cost compost bins, go to