Organics Collection is Weekly, Unlimited and Included at No Extra Cost.

What are organics?

Organics are any products/materials that came from a living source (was once alive). These include any vegetative matter resulting from normal yard and landscaping maintenance that is not more than three (3) feet in its longest dimension or six (6) inches in diameter and fits in the Organics Cart. Examples are plant debris, such as grass clippings, leaves, pruning, weeds, branches, brush, Holiday Trees, and other forms of vegetative matter.

Organics also include food-soiled compostable bags, Food Waste, and acceptable food packaging items such as pizza boxes, paper towels, waxed cardboard and food-soiled paper products.

Use the green container for your green waste and food scraps. Organics will be collected each week on the same day as waste and recyclables. Only compostable bags or paper, lawn and leaf bags are accepted in container.

Food Scrap Pail

Food scrap pails will be provided to all residential customers. The pails are 1.5-gallons in size and green in color, and are made of HDPE, with 25% recycled content.

How to Use Your Food Scrap Pail

  • Empty your kitchen food scrap pail into the organics cart.
  • Do not set out the kitchen food scrap pail at the curb.
  • All materials must be placed inside the container.
  • No plastic bags or other non-compostable materials are accepted.
What to Place in Your Green Container

yard trimmings

Grass Clippings


Pine needles

Branches (3' or less)

Green materials that exceed what fits in the green cart can be placed in 100% compostable green waste overage bags (BioBag) OR paper lawn and leaf bags and tie-bundled. The compostable bags are 33 gallons in capacity, measuring approximately 39.5" tall and 32.5" The bags are 33 gallons in capacity, measuring approximately 39.5" tall and 32.5" wide and should be set out within 3 feet of the curb. Advance notice required.

food scraps

Fruit and vegetables

Bread and pasta

Dairy products

Meat and bones


food soiled paper

Pizza boxes

Coffee grounds and tea bags

Food soiled paper bags

Food soiled plates

Food soiled napkins and paper towels


Paper cups

*All items must fit within the green container with the lid completely closed.
This includes twigs and branches.
Learn more about recycling, solid waste and composting at or call 800.320.8077.


For occasional green waste cleanup, 33-gallon compostable bags are available at no charge from Republic Services Customer Service Office, City Hall or by mail (postage fees apply to mail orders). All materials must be bagged, boxed or tie-bundled. Uncontained materials cannot be collected. Set out piles exceeding 2 cubic yards will be collected as On-Call Clean-Ups. Please call Customer Service at 800.320.8077 for additional containers or bio-bag orders.

Holiday Tree Collection

For the two weeks following the Christmas holiday, unflocked natural holiday trees will be collected for composting. Trees also can be cut to size to fit in your organics container and must fall freely when the container is emptied. Compostable trees can be cut in half and placed at the curb for recycling at no additional charge on your regular organics pickup day.

There will be a disposal fee for non-recyclable trees. In lieu of the disposal fee, you may use one of your annual waste clean-ups for non-recyclable Christmas trees.

To be collected curbside, natural trees must be cut so that pieces are no longer than 4 feet long. Non-recyclable trees may also be cut to size in the black waste container with the lid closed.

Flocked and artificial trees or natural trees contaminated with ornaments and/or wrapped in plastic or cloth cannot be recycled and will be picked up as waste. Call 800.320.8077 to schedule a pickup.