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debris recycling

Projects required by the California Green Building Standards Code (newly constructed residential projects or projects increasing a building's conditioned area, volume, or size) or having a building permit valuation greater than or equal to $50,000 are required to divert at least 65% of the debris generated by the project from going to a landfill. This includes all construction, demolition and/or renovation projects within the City. Although not required, the City encourages projects with a valuation of less than $50,000 to recycle at least 65% of the debris generated.

Required documentation of compliance: The project applicant is required to submit a completed and signed Debris Recycling Statement (DRS) prior to the issuance of a building permit. Prior to the start of construction/demolition, the project applicant is required to submit a Drop Box - Dumpster Application. Drop boxes may only be ordered through Republic Services, the City’s franchised waste hauler. Republic Services will verify that the contents of the drop box were recyclable and recycled and submit to the City an accounting of the weight and types of materials diverted.

In order to ensure compliance, reports must be submitted through

Do not place non-recyclable material in the C&D recycling drop box! Please note that if the drop box intended for the collection of mixed recyclable debris is contaminated with debris that is not recyclable, the contents of the box will be treated as waste (non-recyclable material) and taken to the landfill. As a result, you will forfeit your eligibility to receive a rebate for half the cost of the box through the Incentive Program and will be responsible for the full cost of the box.

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