The City Clerk is the City Elections Official and is responsible for administering the City’s general municipal elections and special elections for both candidates and measures; processing petitions relating to initiatives, recalls and referendums.

The next election scheduled in Piedmont will be the City's General Municipal Election on November 3, 2020. 

The City Clerk prepares the Candidates Nomination Packet, administers the candidacy and nomination process, informs candidates of their election responsibilities and disclosure requirements, publishes election notices, responds to election questions, prepares the resolution for canvass and certification of the results, conducts the City Oath of Office for elected officials.

The City of Piedmont holds regular municipal elections on the first Tuesday of November in even numbered years. Members of the City Council are elected at-large (the City is not divided into individual districts) for four-year terms and are eligible for a maximum of two terms. Piedmont's mayor is selected by the members of the City Council.

Residents interested in serving on the City Council and Board of Education are encouraged to contact the City Clerk's office for more information. The nomination process can be complicated and filing deadlines are rigid. Prior to each General Municipal Election, the Guide to Nomination and Candidacy, which contains information about candidate forms, fees, requirements and deadlines, is published.   

Voter registration for Piedmont is handled by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, with registration forms available at a variety of City offices. Campaign Financial disclosure are required by state law. Candidates must use the forms and procedures set by the Fair Political Practices Commission. The City Clerk is the filing official for elections in Piedmont.