Charter of the City of Piedmont

The City of Piedmont has been a charter City since 1923. The City Charter is essentially Piedmont's constitution and reserves specific topics, legally known as municipal affairs, to city governance. Provisions in the the charter will most often supersede state law in most areas where there are differences. 

The Charter of the City of Piedmont (PDF) is available for download.

Piedmont City Code

The Piedmont City Code are the laws passed by the Council governing the operation of city government as well as diverse subjects, such as planning regulations, noise, building permits, streets & sidewalks, taxation, among many others. Provisions of the code are enacted, amended, or repealed by the passage of ordinances by the City Council or, through the initiative process, by residents. 

Chapters of the Piedmont City Code are provided in the table below. Please note that there are no Chapters 14, 16, 20C, or 20D in the City Code.

The City Code is updated through Ordinance 772 N.S., which took effect on April 3, 2024.

Chapter 1: General Provisions
Chapter 2: Administration
Chapter 3: Parks
Chapter 4: Animals
Chapter 4A: Bicycles
Chapter 5: Disasters & Emergencies (Building Code transferred to Ch. 8 by Ord. 748 N.S.)
Chapter 6: Abatement of Nuisances
Chapter 7: Excavations Generally
Chapter 8: Building, Construction, & Fire Prevention
Chapter 9: Garbage and Rubbish
Chapter 10: Licenses (Business Licenses)
Chapter 11: Motor Vehicles & Traffic
Chapter 12: Offenses - Miscellaneous
Chapter 12A: Lost, Stolen, Confiscated, or Abandoned Property
Chapter 12B: Surplus Property
Chapter 12C: Regulating the Sale of Firearms and Ammunition
Chapter 13: Peddlers & Solicitors
Chapter 14: Elections & Financial Disclosure
Chapter 15: Motion Picture & Television Production
Chapter 17: Planning & Land Use
Chapter 18: Streets & Sidewalks
Chapter 19: Subdivisions
Chapter 20: Taxation
Chapter 20A: Utility Use Taxes
Chapter 20B: Municipal Services Special Tax
Chapter 20E: Special Municipal Sewer Tax
Chapter 21: Trailers & Commercial Vehicles
Chapter 22: Underground Utilities
Chapter 23: State Video Franchises
Chapter 24: Bingo
Chapter 25: Commissions
Chapter 26: Piedmont Police & Fire Pension Plan
Chapter 27: Alarms
Chapter 28: Protection of Police Department Canines
Chapter 29: Emergency Medical Services
Chapter 30: Storm Water Management & Discharge
Chapter 31: Trip Reduction