Piedmont Police Department Annual Report looks back on 2023
Posted on 04/24/2024

Piedmont Police Department Annual Report looks back on 2023

Published April 18, 2024

Learn about the many ways Piedmont Police work to build community and keep Piedmont safe in the Department’s 2023 Annual Report, which offers a high-level snapshot of the last calendar year.

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The Annual Report includes information about crime data and trends, but also offers a glimpse into other elements of the Department’s work – from expanding technology investments to the launch of the popular Cop on the Block program last summer. Featured topics include:

  • 2023 crime trends: Reported crimes rose sharply through summer 2023, peaking in early fall and prompting development of an 8-point Crime Response Plan. This, combined with regional collaborative law enforcement efforts, contributed to numbers falling below start-of-2023 levels by the end of the year.

  • Historical context: Historical data provides important context for PPD. The annual report shows how reported crimes in four categories – robbery, burglary, vehicle theft, and larceny – have varied over the past 17 years.

  • Technology as force multiplier: Spotlights on the Automated License Plater Reader (ALPR) and Public Safety Camera programs illustrate some of the ways Piedmont Police use technology to deliver a high level of service. Officers responded to over 1,200 ALPR incidents in 2023, leading directly to 33 arrests, 37 recovered vehicles, and over 300 wanted vehicles fleeing Piedmont.

  • Support for Piedmont schools: From a dedicated Juvenile Officer to incident response exercises on campuses during school breaks, the report highlights the myriad ways Piedmont Police collaborate with the Piedmont Unified School District to keep our youth safe.

Police Chief Jeremy Bowers presented the Annual Report to City Council at their regular meeting on Monday, April 15th, along with an implementation update on the 8-point Crime Response Plan (Video | Agenda Report).

The Annual Report is available for direct download at piedmont.ca.gov/PPDAnnualReport2023 and can also be found on the Police Department Transparency Portal, which includes Department policies as well as data on ALPRs and a variety of other subjects.